Monthly Archives: March 2009

Grandfather’s Inspiration in Anthony’s Photography Career

A Grandfather that everyone needs know. Most people my age don’t have living grandparents. I’ve been blessed to have my mom’s parents alive and with that being said having my Grandparents in my life.  I’m proud to say I’ve lived with for a few years and with that I spent countless hours getting to know […]

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Raccoon City

Monday night my sister and nephew came running inside after seeing a raccoon walking toward them on the sidewalk. Of course I ran and got my camera and wanted to capture them. Well my nephew and I went out looking for them and didn’t see them. So now I’m on the patio BBQ’n some steaks […]

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Downtown Riverside, CA

Sunday morning I woke up really early. I didn’t want to sleep any more. I started watching my inspiring DVD collection for Professional Photographers called PhotoVision. I was so inspired by one of the wedding photographers I decided I would wonder around downtown Riverside, CA to photograph the beautiful artistic landscape. If you know me, […]

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