Monthly Archives: February 2011

Java who is 15lbs & Rusty who is also 15lbs {Personal}

Yesterday I took both Java (my cat of 16 years) and Rusty (my dog who is 9 months old) to the vet to get checked out. Rusty has a smelly ear with dark stuff inside & Java has been walking strange and needed a check up. The vet tech weighed both Java & Rusty and […]

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My beloved Tante (Aunt) Rezi {Legacy}

On Wednesday 2/9/2011 I received terrible news that my beloved Great Aunt Rezi passed away in her sleep in a hospital in Croatia.  She suffered a massive stroke in December She was 88 years old 2008 My Tante Rezi lived with my grandparents for 30+ years Here she is with my Nephew Nolan back in […]

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