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Visit with Uncle Joshi – Grandfather’s Brother {Hungary}

Monday, June 14, 2010

One of my goals was to visit as many family members as possible while in Croatia. My Grandfather has a brother who is a priest in Hungary. It’s a short trip from Belisce. So my Aunt and Cousin said they will take me as they also would like to see him.

Monday afternoon we took off for Hungary. It wasn’t a bad drive. I was super hungry and couldn’t wait to eat. My Uncle had lunch waiting for us. After we said our hello’s we sat around the huge dinning room table and had a meal together.

After lunch my Uncle took us to his church. I was full of emotions. I kept on thinking of my grandparents. They never had the chance to see my Uncle’s church. My grandparents were very religious and always spoke about my Uncle. So being in his church filled my heart. Before walking out of the church I asked my Uncle to bless me. I so badly wanted his blessings. As he started we both cried.

It’s amazing how much family members look alike. My grandfather and his brothers have so many similar features. I was torn as seeing him filled my heart and on the other hand it made me miss my grandfather more. But my heart was completely happy as I know my grandparents were with me the entire time.

After visiting my Uncle, we went to the cemetery where my grandfather’s parents and his one sister were laid to rest.

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