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Funeral Services for my Nephew Jayson Garcia {Legacy}

I did not take photos at my nephews funeral services. I was right next to my sister Angela, Jayson’s mother during the entire time. I did capture a video of the dove release that Jayson’s father Keith, mother Angela and brother Nolan released.

During the memorial service I did walk people through a meditation and read a poem on behalf of my sister.


My name is Anthony, I am the uncle to Jayson and Nolan, brother to Angela and brother-in-law to Keith

Today I would like to walk us thru a meditation and after I will read a poem for my sister.

At this time, I ask you to find yourself a comfortable position. If you need to adjust your position, please do so now.

Let us Begin by closing our eyes

Take a couple deep breaths, breathing slowly and deeply in thru our nose and out thru our mouth

If you wish to place both your hands on your heart, please do so now,
or you may leave them on your lap or at your side, there is no right or wrong

Now place your attention on how you are feeling, both emotionally and physically
and don’t forget to keep breathing

Try not to analyze what you are feeling and rather, just be in this moment

Now let us bring forward a memory of Jayson’s face

Focus on any one positive memory your mind could recall

Don’t struggle, if you have only a vision of his face that is okay please don’t struggle and remember to breathe, no right or wrong

Immerse yourself in this memory. With every cell of your body feel his connection
You may find yourself smiling, crying or feeling peace what ever you feel hold it with love

Not take this moment and thank him for these memories,

thank him for being in your life,

thank him for being your son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend and most importantly thank Jayson for being Jayson.

Take a second and hold him close to your heart.. Let us say thank you, thank you, thank you once more for him being in our lives and let us say thank everyone in this room for sharing this experience together.

Take a few deep breaths. Bring your awareness back to this room and when ready, slowly open your eyes.

Now I want to dedicate this beautiful poem to my sister Angela.

A poem between MOTHER AND SON.

I would give my life to have you back,
said his MOM
I know you would, said her SON.

I cry each night for you, said his MOM
And I catch all of your tears said her SON

I pray for the day that I can see you again,
said his MOM
Close your eyes and you can see me,
said her SON
I am always just a dream away………….

You are the first person who loved me,
and you are the first person I loved.

You were always there when I needed you,
and you always knew when I needed a hug.

I am here for you now, MOM
in your heart and in your soul.
I did not take your heart with me
instead I left mine with you to hold.

One day I will take your hand
and lead you to paradise,
but until then my beautiful MOM,
when you want to see me
you only need to close your eyes.

I am always just a dream away…..

Memorial Service was on:
Friday, April 21, 2017 11am
Olive Branch Community Church
7702 El Cerrito Road
Corona, CA 92881

Viewing of my Nephew Jayson Garcia {Legacy}

Today was our final time seeing my nephews handsome face. Many people arrived, childhood friends, high school friends, sobriety friends, church family and of course family and lots of others.

It is never easy saying goodbye to a person and trying to remember what he looked like in life. In honor of Jayson, I took a couple photos of his viewing. As I did for each of my grandparents, it’s my time to reflect and honor him.

Visitation (Viewing) Details:
Thursday, April 20, 2017 4 to 8pm
Thomas Miller Mortuary
1118 East Sixth Street
Corona, CA 92879

Leading up to my Nephew Jayson’s Funeral {Legacy}

Here are a few posts I made on my Instagram leading up to Jayson’s services that I would like to share with you.


This will be the final resting place of my nephew Jayson David Garcia. #olivewood

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Jayson David Garcia the loss of my Nephew! {Legacy}

Jayson David Garcia, at the age of 22 passed away on April 11, 2017, at 10:10 PM in Riverside, California. Jayson lost his life instantly in a tragic auto accident earning him his angel wings.

Jayson was born on December 9, 1994, at 2:28 PM in La Habra, California. Weighing 8lbs 4oz and 21 ½ inches long.

Jayson made many positive achievements moving into adulthood which included, his sobriety, returning to his Christian Faith, and starting a new job.

Jayson was known for his beautiful smile, being charismatic, and loving.

Jayson is survived by his loving parents, Keith Garcia, Angela Lujan, Brother Nolan Garcia, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins.

With Jayson’s passing, we remind others that his life is one to be celebrated. Although we will miss him every day, he will forever remain in our hearts.

Josh Runyon the loss of a great man! {Legacy}

September 28th we lost a great man on earth and his name is Josh. Today this entry is about remembering this man the best way I could possibly do it. Today is the day we gather to remember and to lay his body to rest. Let me take you on a journey as I remember a friendship and a blessing to have a small part of this mans life.

Photograph below was taken in May 2008 at a park in Brea.
This photograph speaks to me and thoughts of Josh telling us,
“remember me this way, I’m always looking over my shoulder protecting you, loving you.”


Have to start where it all began. In late 2001 I joined a company called Practice Builders. My first day on the job I met Josh. Josh was our IT guy. That same day I also met a wonderful women named Megan. I connected pretty quickly to both of them. They both have a positive outlook on life and were what I call fun energy.

In 2002 I started to fit right in to the company and brought my camera around to the office for the fun events we had. This was the first company I joined that had that family vibe. We all noticed that Josh and Megan begun dating. From my vantage point they hit it off quickly. Even though Josh broke a few hearts around the office. Not mine as I had a great respect and excitement for him and Megan.Here was the first photograph I took of Josh and Megan.


In 2003 our company share a holiday party with our sister company at a venue in Long Beach. Again, I brought my camera to capture the moments.
If you didn’t notice, this is Josh and Megan. This time Megan is all glammed up!


2005 was a fun year. Practice Builders took all the employees out to an Angles game. It was a lot of sun, drinking and just good times with lasting memories.


Below is Josh, Adrienne, Brian, Kevan Michelle and Pablo.


Later that year Josh and Megan supporting me and my friend Mike. They attended my friends impersonation show in Riverside called Fant-A-She’s.
They were joined by fellow colleagues and my close friends. Josh, Michelle, Me, Jason, Gloria and Jennifer.


Love this funny photo of Josh pretending to send kisses to Jason. Now that is the kind of support any friend of mine could have!


In 2006 our company splurged on Angel tickets again. Here Josh, Courtney and Pablo found shade in the upper seats.


Here was the tailgate party and a great photograph of Josh and I.

Josh 2006-05

This same year our company moved to a new building. So we had a little party at the office and we  the “moving committee”
received acknowledgement from our CEO at that time Joel. Josh, Joel and Pablo


He is Josh and I and Jeri in the back talking with Steve.


Also in 2006 Josh and flew across the county to attend a Chiropractor convention for our company new release of ChiroBrandBuilder.
This trip was working the convention floor for 12 hours on single ply padding. To make things interesting, we shared a room together to cut costs
and tried to eat at the same times. Amazingly, we didn’t get on each others nerves as it was really being around each other for more than 24 hours.

Josh 2006-03

In 2007 several moments happened.
Below was a Easter Egg Contest we had a Practice Builders. Josh created a master piece called “Road Kill”


Practice Builders took all of us out for a night at Dave & Busters.

Here is Josh, Joel, Nina, Steve and Rick.


Here’s Josh, Courtney, Natalie and Karol playing those adult games.


Shooting for hoops! Josh, Tiffany, Craig and Joel. Can’t remember who won!


Typical guy, Josh and Craig with guns. lol


That same year my friendship with Josh extended to becoming their family photographer.
What an amazing gift they gave me. This year I was blessed to photograph their first child Natalie’s newborn photographs.


If you have following my work for years, you will notice a pattern. With every family session, I also capture the husband and wife.
Most of the time, the husband and wife haven’t taken professional photographs of just them since their wedding.


It’s these special moments that the families allow me to take like this that end up lasting forever!


In 2008 they asked me to photograph them again. This time Natalie was just about ready to walk. Actually Megan and witnessed her first steps together as we waited for Josh to return.


Beautiful quite moments like this that keep his spirit alive within our hearts and soul.


Anther cute moment between husband and wife. Just love their expressions.


May 2009 I was asked to photography Megan’s mom and dad’s anniversary party. Here I found some photographs of Josh and Natalie that I couldn’t resist.


What an amazing father!


April 2009 Josh and Megan were pregnant with Olivia. This was one amazing maternity photography session. The trust and friend we have made one amazing session.



As I was setting up for our next set, I capture this cute moment between daddy and daughter.


Our maternity session continues



If you look at the layers it’s Josh behind Megan arms wrapped around. Megan’s hands outside of Josh’s and Natalie’s hands on Megan’s.
Olivia on the inside.


June 2009 Josh and Megan welcome Olivia into this world.



November 2009 we did a holiday photography session.







In 2012 Josh and Megan welcomed Mathew to their family.





My last session with them was November 2012 for their holiday session. This was the last time I would see my buddy.
I’m extreamly thankful for this day. The kids were happy and fun. I enjoyed capturing their amazing spirit together.





As I conclude here, it’s difficult to end. I look at his passing as a tragedy. I’ll try to find the words.

Josh, I witnessed you becoming a husband, father, a friend and a great human being. You heart and soul has lived many years.
As you depart this earth, I have peace in my mind you have not left our hearts and souls. Your spirit is connected to all you have touched.
You touched so many peoples lives and gave us a gift. The gift of knowing and being part of your life.  You helped me become a better
man by watching your ways and how loving and kind you are. Thank you for allowing me to take part of your life and your families life.

Thank you my friend!

~Anthony a.k.a T-man

My beloved Jadranka {Legacy}

Today it saddens me to say that Jadranka passed away. My heart is heavy for my Tante Slavica (mother to Jadranka and Tanta Slavica is sister to my grandma and only living sibling), Cajo (Jadranka’s husband), and my Cousin Kristijan (Jadranka’s son) and Tea (Jadranka’s grand daughter).

Here’s some cherished photographs I have from my trip to Croatia in 2010.

Here Jadranka was cooking lunch for us. She was always trying to feed me and making sure I was okay.

Cajo and Jadranka leading the way as they were showing around Novalja. Love this photo.

Here’s my last goodbye. So much love. I was truly blessed to have met her in person.

RIP my dear sweet Jadranka. You were met in heaven by many loved ones. Tell them all hello for me. Love you much! ~ your Nephew Anthony

My beloved Grandpa Charlie {Legacy}

Today my last living grandparent my Grandpa Charlie past away. My Grandpa suffered from a stoke a while back and never seemed to recover. He is 85 years old.

Digging through my personal photos when I was young, I found a few photographs of me and my Grandpa.

My Grandpa Charlie taught me a song and always sang it to me.

My best friend’s name is Tony,
he comes from the land of bologna,
with a pickle on his nose and 3 sore toes
that’s my best friend Tony!

My Sister’s family and I took a trip to New Mexico in 2006 to visit.

in 2006

Below is a photo of me, my Dad and Grandpa on the right.

in 2006

While searching for photos, I also came across my Grandma Rosie’s letter to me from the both of them.

Grandpa I know you are comforted by so many great people in heaven. Now my Grandpa Frank has a friend up their to talk and joke with. Love you much ~your Grandson Anthony


Two Years Ago Today I Lost A Wonderful Woman, My Grandma Nada {Legacy}

It’s been two years today since my Grandma Nada passed before my eyes and while I was holding her hand.

I’m missing you everyday.
I miss your guidiness.
I miss your hugs.
I miss our Wednesday phone calls.
I miss your cooking.

I miss you!

My Grandma

by Mandy Bauer
My grandma was special in everyway,
She made me smile everyday.
And she was always there for me,
Especially in my time of need.She was the one I ran to,
When I didn’t know what to do,
And she was the one who was always there,
When no one else seemed to care.

When I was down,
She made me smile,
And that smile,
Lasted a while.

My grandma was not just my grandma,
She was my best friend,
She was my heart,
And the day she died,
My world fell apart.

I love and miss you grandma!!!

Family Friend Poems

My life has a void without you in it Grandma.  At least you left me with such great memories.
I love you very much and miss you like crazy!


Java 1995 – 2011 {Legacy}

Today my heart broke as I had the extreme difficulty decision to euthanize my beautiful 16 year old kitty and best friend named Java.

I was working in a hair salon in Seal Beach back in 1995 when a guy walked through the doors with a box of kittens. I’ve never been a fan of cats before as I grew up with dogs. I picked up one kitten and it held on to me and wouldn’t let go. He not only hung on for dear life but snuggled up to my neck purring. Instantly I fell in love with a kitten I later named Java.


It took me 2 weeks to name him. Nothing at all seemed to fit his personality. It wasn’t until I was playing “Java Jive” by the Manhattan Transfers did his head started bopping around as it he was listening to the music. From that moment on his name was Java and it suit him to a tee!


Java was a great cat. He never had any health problems or conditions.


Java’s was an indoor kitty. I think I’m selfish as I didn’t want anything to happen to him. I wanted to keep
for myself safe and sound.


When Java was 3 I purchased a second cat named Jojo. Jojo was the runt of the litter. I was told she might not make it.
But it was my ex who insisted we get her. She came home in the palm of my hands. Java was a good boy and taught Jojo how
clean herself. Jojo had no idea how to groom. Java and Jojo were best of friends. They would always lay together cleaning
each other or sleeping.

Java & Jojo

A few years later I purchased a third kitty named Jessie. Some how all my cats started with a “J”.

2004 Java and Jessie

At first Java and Jojo didn’t like Jessie. But in time they all became friends.

Left to right – Jessie, Jojo and Java

I would catch them laying together. After Jojo passed, Java never laid next to Jessie and seemed
if they grew apart.

top to bottom – Java, Jessie and Jojo

Java was an amazing cat. He reminded me of cat on the box of Frontline. Java would always lay down
extending his front legs and paws.


Java had some big powerful eyes.





In 2010 after both my Grandparents passed and after taking my Great Aunt to Croatia I purchased a
dog named Rusty. I know not a “J” as I seem to name my dogs with an “R”.



Photos of Java and I


Just prior to his last breaths he gave me three little kisses on the nose. No other animal kissed me
at the tip of my nose. At times I used to say Java give daddy a kiss and he did right on the nose. I’ll miss that!



I’ve had to lay to rest several family pets. Each time I held them while thanking them for all they have done. Telling them how much I love them and how much they were a part of my life. All of this while they took their last breaths. Of course I did the same for my Java.

Java lived 16 happy years. It came to the point where his quality of life was not the same. He started to hide and withdraw himself. He has been limping on his paw and also had some recent spine problems causing him discomfort and pain. I started thinking about his well being.

As a pet owner, we are sometimes faced to make these tough decisions. It took me a week to decide on what I was going to do. I checked my options and consulted with two vets. I could of put Java on pain meds and weekly injects at the doctors office, but it was just going to mask the underlying condition. The fact was that he was in pain and suffering. As selfish as I wanted to keep him around for my sake, I knew it wouldn’t be right. I made the judgement call to let him rest in peace. That’s what he is doing right now. I imagine him beside once again his best friend Jojo and walking beside my Grandparents and Aunt. As if I could hear them calling his name with their Croatian accent “Java“.

I dedicate this to my best friend Java! Java daddy loves you baby! You filled my life up with much joy. You brought me much happiness and stuck beside me during my toughest times. You are daddy’s number one. Thank you for giving me 16 wonderful years boy.

Daddy will always love you!